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Virtual office


Virtual office is one of the most reasonable and up-to-date solutions that suits the needs of offshore companies. This modern approach is a simple and effective alternative to a regular traditional office and implies certain information infrastructure and registration of all requisites that are required for company registration in a foreign country.


What does virtual office consist of?

The concept of a virtual office can be interpreted in different ways, because this term is quite new and hasn’t yet been established well. It can be understood as a range of services or even as the whole office that’s operating in cyberspace.

Generally a virtual office option includes:

  • registration of a legal address for business correspondence of a company;
  • telephone and fax registration (including virtual phone numbers for a company);
  • all kinds of outsourcing services (receptionist, corporate secretary, lawyer, accountant).

Besides, a virtual office may also comprise certain information infrastructure. It helps to optimize activities of the office team, which members often have to work from different locations. For example, employees may work from several offices in different countries. A virtual office allows to coordinate activities of the whole team and therefore is irreplaceable for various kinds and formats of business.

In the case mentioned above a virtual office implies:

  • individual access channel to all the company systems for employees (including extensive security procedures);
  • web-hosting for such highly secured systems;
  • company information systems — among these are corporate sites, CRM and some other;
  • full technical support of information systems (as a rule, it is included in a service package).


Who can benefit from a virtual office option?

Virtual office has a number of advantages if compared with traditional office work organizing. This innovative solution is fully suitable for any offshore company. An office in cyberspace can be a very reasonable decision:

  • for those who are going to show the presence of their business on the market of other countries and regions all over the world;
  • for those who would like to minimize expenses spent on secretary or office-manager services;
  • for those who are going to launch a startup or a pilot project;
  • for those whose major is business  operating via Internet;
  • for those who want to reduce office staff and improve its work;
  • for those who would like to facilitate the process of company expansion.

As you see the potential users of a virtual office are widely spread.


Virtual office features

Although there are a lot of positive things about virtual offices, you should take into consideration some important points while making a decision to use such an office for your business needs. Generally it takes considerable efforts of professionals to take in the details. Note the following crucial features of offices in cyberspace:

  • the post address is not always unique and can be used both by yours and some other company;
  • since government regulation of virtual office services is still under development, you shouldn’t trust every company that offers such services.

Goldblum and Partners has a considerable experience in virtual offices development and proudly enjoys excellent reputation. Registration of a virtual office by means of our help ensures high-quality services, personal concern from our dedicated managers and quick solutions for any challenging issues.

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