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The offshore company registration on Mauritius

An offshore company registration on Mauritius has become very attractive for foreign investors and international business. For the past two decades this small state has been developing actively, and today it is a big center of business and financial activities of its region, there are around 20 thousand offshore companies registered in the state. The state itself is located on the island of the same name in the Indian Ocean, as well it includes a number of smaller islands.

All government forces are aimed at creating a beneficial surrounding for leading commerical activity.Mauritius has flexible and progressive legislation concerning international companies. It keeps constantly improving and provides many incentives for the development of international commercial activity, as well it offers a number of benefits for offshore companies.


Advantages of registering offshore companies on Mauritius

The advantages of having an offshore on Mauritius are:

  • Low taxes or complete lack of them;
  • Simplicity of registration;
  • Information confidentiality;
  • There is no need to provide accounting or other records.

Two types of companies are registered at Mauritius: Global Business Company I and Global Business Company II. Type one are international companies, who have rights to lead their own activity on the territory of the country. They are taxed but have special reduced rates. Type two are actually the offshore companies which are completely dismissed from taxes. Such companies pay annual fee, which makes few hundred US dollars.


Peculiarities of registering offshore companies on Mauritius

All offshore companies registered on Mauritius have no rights to lead commercial activity on the territory of the country, but there are no limitations concerning the type of activity. The offshore companies do not have rights to issue bearer shares, in some cases it reduces attractiveness of Mauritius as an offshore jurisdiction.

The companies registered on Mauritius are dismissed from the governmental audit control, as well no one controls foreign exchange operations carried by the company. The shareholders meeting can take place in any part of the Earth but local legislation requires that the company has a registered agent, an office and legal address.

All information concerning shareholders is strictly confidential and cannot be accessed by third person. It can be revealed only by the decision of local judiciary.

The procedure of registering offshore company is standard. A company is ought to have minimum one shareholder, director and a secretary. They can be either individuals or legal entities. The resident ship does not matter. There are no requirements concerning charter capital, but the recommended amount is US 100,000. The registration process takes few days.

For registration it is required to fill in a form with the data concerning future company, its name, information about directors and shareholders, their passport copies and documents concerning their place of residence. A brief business-plan has to be provided. If all documents are submitted, the registration fee is paid and the company is added to the general register. In order to simplify and speed up the offshore registration on Mauritius, contact our company Goldblum and Partners, our specialists will consult you and assists in solving any questions concerning registering a company abroad.

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