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Companies’ registration on Seychelles

Lately, the offshore companies’ registration on Seychelles is becoming more and more popular and attractive. This is due to low offshore registration cost and convenient legislation in the area of commercial activity. Now Seychelles Islands are actively developing, the number of international banks is increasing and offshore legislation is aimed at attracting finances to this region.

Corresponding laws on activities of commercial organizations were passed in 1994 and 1997. Thanks to this, very favorable conditions for offshore companies were created on Seychelles. Maybe for some establishers while choosing the offshore zone the factor that matters is that the Seychelles Islands are very attractive as a resort and tourist place.


Advantages of registering offshore company on the Seychelles Islands

The legislation of Seychelles Islands gives offshore companies the following advantages:

  • Low cost and simple registration conditions;
  • Complete liberation from taxes;
  • The issue of bearer shares is possible;
  • No need to keep accounting records
  • Confidentiality;
  • Total lack of controlling the foreign exchange operations.

Such registration conditions allow to annually attract to this offshore zone great amount of international companies. And the possibility of issuing bearer shares provides maximum confidentiality level for the real owners of the company. Another offshore on Seychelles advantage is the lack of strict requirements for the size of charter capital. The offered amount of charter capital is US 100,000 but this is rather a recommendation than a must.


Requirements for registering an offshore company on Seychelles

A minimum of one director has to be appointed when an offshore company registration takes place. It can be either a legal entity or an individual. If an individual is appointed as a director, his or her residency does not matter. As well the offshore company registered on Seychelles has to have a registered agent, own office and legal address. Same requirements are applicable for the shareholders: a company has to have a minimum one, the residency does not matter and legal entity can become a company shareholder. One person can combine positions of director and shareholder.

The registration of new offshore company takes only 1-2 days. In the rest the procedure is standard, it is not compulsory to visit Seychelles for registration. The offshore companies have rights to do any activity, but some types require licensing (banking, insurance). When the company is added to the register, its data is provided while personal data of the establisher is not required; this also contributes to the confidentiality of commercial activity of the company.Offshore companies also have rights to own sea crafts or airplanes which are registered on Seychelles.

Annually the offshore company on Seychelles has to pay fixed fee. Another requirement for offshore company-there can be any name for it, but it has to end on Limited, Ltd, Corporation, Corp., Incorporated,Inc. etc. Their detailed list together with consultation on other questions about registering an offshore company can be obtained in our company Goldblum and Partners.

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