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Company registration in Netherlands (Holland)

Registration of a company in Netherlands is a perfect opportunity to promote your business in European market in a stable and developed country. The official languages in Netherlands are Frisian and Dutch but English is widespread as well, so even if you don’t know the first two languages you still can conduct your business. From 2013 the procedure of registering a company in Holland became much simpler, which is another advantage of opening a company there.


General requirements for company registration in Netherlands

There are 7 types of registered companies that exist in Netherlands: Association, Securities Company, Foreign Branch, Limited Liability Partnership, Unlimited Liability Partnership, Public Limited Company and Private Limited Company. The most popular types of registered companies in Netherlands for foreigners are Public and Private Limited Companies.

For Private Limited Company the minimal charter capital has to be not less than 18,000 euros, and by the moment of company registration at least one of its shares has to be paid. Afterwards the size of the company’s charter capital may increase. Concerning Public Limited Company, its charter capital has to be minimum 45,000 euros and 25% of this amount has to be paid before registering the company. According to the changes made to the law in 2013, if the company pays the capital with the property introduced to it, then it can estimate the capital by itself without calling in an independent Dutch expert. The company of any type has to annually provide accounting and financial records and hold audit checks. While providing records, income information is required.


Registration of Private Limited Company in Netherlands

According to legislation, PLC in Netherlands has the following features:

  • The minimal size of charter capital has to be 18,000 euros. The following increase of charter capital can reach the amount, which will be more than primordial in maximum 5 times.
  • Before registering in the Department of Justice of Netherlands, the data concerning all shareholders and directors is required, on the basis of which they are approved for the management.
  • PLC is allowed to issue registered shares only, which may be handed to the third persons after notarization. The register of shares accounting has to be kept in the company’s office.
  • In case if the company shareholders are few individuals, its management is conducted by the Board of Directors. Wherein Memorandum Association of the company may provide different variants for separation of responsibilities between the board and the directors of the company. In order to fire or appoint new directors, a general shareholder board has to be held. If the general capital of the company is over 13,000,000 euros and the number of employees is less than 100 people, a company has to form a Supervisory Board as well.
  • Private Limited Company can function without a secretary.
  • A company is allowed to register few working names.

Registration of Private Limited Company in Netherlands is the most beneficial and convenient variant for foreign businessman. If you wish to organize a business in this country, you can contact our company Goldblum and Partners and we shall assist you in all aspects concerning the procedure of registering a company in Netherlands.

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