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Company registration in Ukraine

Company registration in Ukraine is supposed to be the first step in setting up a new business. A wide range of questions should be taken into consideration before the registration procedure starts. At first a legal form of the organization is to be chosen. It can be a joint stock company (JSC), a limited liability company (LLC) or a close joint stock company (CJSC). The popularity of limited liability companies is increasing rapidly nowadays due to the benefits this legal form provides. For example, either a private person or a legal body may stand as a founder, a definite form of taxation may be chosen, the size of registered capital is quite little in comparison with other legal forms.

When a question about legal form is answered, the specialization of a new company is the subject to decide on. In order to run business in some spheres a possession of specific licenses is an obligatory condition. A new company can’t operate without a CEO, that is the reason why a choice of a candidate should be made carefully. A legal address and a bank account should be indicated as well during the registration process.

A lot of time and energy is to be expended while registering a company. Profound knowledge of legal rules and legislation are also required.

A person without previous experience in registering a new business can hardly ever do it quickly and in a qualitative manner. A successful registration of business in Ukraine is almost impossible without professional legal assistance. Goldblum and Partners  possesses profound knowledge and practical experience in a discussed area. Our experienced team can provide you with complex assistance in the process of document submission and company registration.


A package of documents to be collected in order to register a company in Ukraine

In order to register a company in Ukraine the following list of documents is to be collected:

  • certificate from the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE);
  • an extract from the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities;
  • minutes and statute of shareholders’ meeting about the registration of the company;
  • minutes of founders’ meeting relating to appointing CEO;
  • order relating to appointing CEO;
  • certificate about transferring of registered capital;
  • open-dated minutes relating to the displacement of the director in case of using the services of a figurehead director;
  • corporate seal;
  • a formal CEO’s service;
  • the registration as VAT and single taxpayer.


Legislation and privileges for companies registered in Ukraine

Economic investments are supported by Ukrainian legislation with the help of different methods and means. A guarantee that investment legislation won’t be changed over a period of 10 years is provided to the investors. A rejection of confiscation, nationalization and arrest of investments is proved legally. Moreover, investor possesses the right to stop his/her business in Ukraine and export the income.

Since the income tax and value added tax are considered to be lower comparing to neighbouring countries, the business climate in Ukraine is very attractive for new companies to be opened. Environmental legislation is more liberal than in the majority of highly-developed countries in Europe. After contacting Goldblum and Partners you will be provided with a detailed consultation, including all questions about the registration process in Ukraine and local investment legislation.

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