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Company registration in Switzerland

Company registration in Switzerland is considered to be a very profitable investment. To register a company in Switzerland, you need to carry out some preliminary actions. Firstly, you should choose the name for the new legal body and check if it is admissible. Secondly, the founders and shareholders should be determined. Thirdly, you have to choose the area of specialization of the new company and submit it for the approval of local authorities. Fourthly, before the company is registered, you should open a bank account and transfer the authorized capital to it at the rate determined for each type of ownership

When the preliminary procedure is completed, the company can be registered at the notary’s office. It requires presence of at least one founder or shareholder and power of attorney from the other founders or shareholders. Then the registration record is entered to the state register. If the new enterprise is a joint-stock company, it is necessary to draw up certificates of shares.


Documents necessary for company registration in Switzerland

To register a company in Switzerland, you need:

  • The name of the new company.
  • Personal information of the founder and CEO for a legal body: Documents to certify the creation of a company with a specific type of ownership. These documents must be translated, notarized and apostilled.
  • Personal information for a natural person: Full name, citizenship, date of birth, place of residence (a copy of passport), documents verifying the declared place of residence (settled public utility bills of several previous months).

Types of ownership of legal bodies in Switzerland

There are two basic types of ownership in Switzerland:

  • Joint-stock company (Aktiengesellschaft). A company of this type can be created with just one shareholder. The minimal authorized capital at the moment of registration must amount to 100 000 Swiss francs. The joint-stock company is controlled by the general meeting, while executive functions are performed by the board of administration that includes one or several members. The majority of board members must be Swiss citizens or have a residence permit.
  • Limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung). Creating such a company requires at least one founder. The minimal authorized capital of a limited company must amount to 20 000 Swiss francs. To register such a company, it is sufficient for only one founder, not the majority, to be a Swiss citizen or resident.

A joint-stock company has a few advantages over a limited company. The proprietors of a joint-stock company can retain anonymity. Besides, joint-stock company shares can be offered for sale at a stock exchange, which is impossible for a limited company. To hand over or sell his share, the shareholder of a limited company must follow a complicated procedure of obtaining the other shareholders’ consent. This procedure is not obligatory for shareholders of a joint-stock company. The authorized capital of a limited company is restricted to 2 million francs.

To register either a company of any type in Switzerland, you will definitely need professional help, because it is quite difficult to come to know the particulars of local legislation. The highly skilled specialists of our company, Goldblum and Partners, are always at your service. We are ready to give you professional advice or help you prepare the documents necessary for company registration in Switzerland.

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