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Company registration in other European countries

Company registration in Europe

Company registration in the Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and other jurisdictions is a perfect investment nowadays. Such a company will bring stable profit and provide an opportunity to obtain a residence permit or citizenship, as well as purchase real estate in the country where the company is registered. You can turn to our company, Goldblum and Partners, for the list of other jurisdictions where a company can be registered, as well as for detailed information about each jurisdiction.

The owner of a European company assumes great responsibility, but at the same time he obtains considerable profit:

  • The owner of a European company can easily open an account in the European Bank.
  • The owner of a European company can trade in all countries of the European Union using a VAT number.
  • The owner of a European company enjoys the confidence of investors and partners.
  • The assets of the owner of a European company are well protected.
  • The owner of a European company has an opportunity to get a residence permit or obtain citizenship of the country where his company is registered.


Document package required to register a company in other jurisdictions

To register a company in other jurisdictions, the following document package is required:

  • Certificate of incorporation (the legal document relating to the state registration of a new company (legal body).
  • By-laws and founders’ agreement.
  • Minutes of founders’ meeting relating to appointing CEO.
  • Certificate of shareholders.
  • General power of attorney.
  • Declaration of trust.
  • Order relating to appointing CEO.
  • Share certificate of the company.
  • Directors’ certificate of the company.
  • Open-dated minutes relating to the displacement of the director in case of using the services of a figurehead director.
  • Company stamp.
  • Legal address.
  • Apostille (legalizing inscription).


Procedure of company registration in other jurisdictions

The procedure of company registration in other jurisdictions includes the following sequence of actions:

  • Determine the name of the new company and make sure the name is unique in this country. Unless the name is unique, it must be replaced.
  • Determine the founders and shareholders of the company.
  • Determine the field of activity of the new company.
  • Choose the type of ownership of the new company (joint-stock company, limited company, closed joint-stock company etc.)
  • Determine the legal address of the company.
  • Approve the by-laws and the founders’ agreement of the company.
  • Open an account in any bank of the country.
  • Transfer the authorized capital to the bank account according to the regulations of the country.
  • Register the new company at the notary’s office. It requires presence of at least one founder or shareholder and power of attorney from the other founders or shareholders.
  • Enter the company in the state register of the country where the company will work.
  • If the type of ownership is a joint-stock company, it is required to draw up certificates of shares and shareholder books.

The procedure of preparing all the documents for company registration seems prima facie to be quite easy. However, it often takes experienced law companies to do it as quickly as possible and to draw up all the documents correctly. Our company, Goldblum and Partners, will help you prepare all the necessary documents and register your company. Our experts can provide you with all necessary information about registering a new company in other jurisdictions.

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