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Company registration in Germany

Running your business in EU is considered to be rather profitable and stable and provides an entrepreneur with various benefits. That’s why registering your new company in such a place as Germany becomes more and more popular. Germany is a core members of the EU and a substantial part of the Union’s capital is at disposal of Germany, so setting up a new company in such a country as Germany is a great possibility to earn sustainable income nowadays.


Registering a company: procedure description

Before submitting the documents, an owner is to decide what legal form to choose. German residents and foreigners, permanently residing here or in EU, have a right to register a firm in any legal form: a union, a personal society or a capital society. If a non-resident of any EU country is setting up a new German business, he/she may register only a capital society that can be in a form of limited liability company (GmbH  – Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) or a joint-stock company (AG  – Aktiengesellschaft)/

An appropriate variant to be chosen by non-residents is a LLC. You can select the name of this new company freely. The only condition is the uniqueness of the name of this new company. Adding the word GmbH to the LLC’s name is obligatory. A minimal sum of the registered capital equals 25.000 euro and 50% of that sum should be put on the register before all registration process starts. A minimal number of the founders of a LLC isn’t fixed definitely. A LLC may even be set up by a single founder. German citizens and foreigners may be recruited as staff and CEO (or CEOs).

To register a new company, the following list of documents should be collected and provided to the appropriate bodies:

  • Full names and surnames of all founders (written in Latin script, transliterated as specified in passport);
  • Notarized copies of the last passport page of every founder;
  • Full address (according to the place of registration and residence; written in Latin script);
  • Specification of the sum of money put on the register before all registration process has started;
  • Legal address of the new company;
  • 4-5 names of this new company with a prioritized name specified;
  • A list of all possible activities;
  • Source of funds.

If a company is founded by a legal body, an extract from the tax number, a Register of Companies and notarized copies of all constitutional documents are to be provided. All documents and extracts should be notarized both in German and Russian languages.


What benefits does registration of a new German company provide?

A registration of your new company in Germany can provide your business with the following benefits:

  • possibility to sell your products and services using a German brand;
  • possibility to have a residence permit for a CEO and family members;
  • possibility to obtain a multi-entry visa in Germany for all staff members;
  • possibility to open branches in all EU member countries;
  • possibility to have a certificate of insurance on easy terms created for local companies;
  • possibility to be given a credit by German banks;
  • possibility to obtain a fellowship or a subsidy.

Registration of a new company in such European country as Germany is a perfect opportunity for the development of your new or existing business and for moving it to a new level. Goldblum and Partners is ready to provide you with all necessary information and assistance in registering a new company.

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