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Company registration in Europe

Registration of companies in Europe

The registration of European companies is becoming more and more popular among foreign entrepreneurs. Among Russian businessmen having business in Europe has become widespread in the last 10 years, and today representatives of many building and petroleum companies are open in European countries. Company registration in Europe gives an opportunity to use all economic benefits existing within European Union, which, undoubtedly, is very attractive for the entrepreneurs.


General conditions of registering European companies

The procedure of registering a company in Europe is quite simple, the volume of necessary documents is not very big, and the process of its consideration takes minimum time. If you decided to register your company in Europe, first of all you have to choose incorporation form for your future company because this will influence the set of documents and registration requirements. Two types of companies are registered in Europe most often: Corporation and Limited Liability Company. It is most suitable to open a Limited liability company for the foreigner as less amount of charter capital is established for it, there can be only one founder and there are less requirements for record provision. Additional advantage is that Limited Liability Company can be an offshore.

The taxation system in European Union is, perhaps, the most attractive feature for the entrepreneurs. Thanks to the agreement between the countries, the companies are dismissed from double taxation regardless the place where the income was earned. The amount of budget allocations is not as big as in Russia for example, as well in the majority of EU countries there is a differentiated system of tax payment.


Primary requirements for registering European companies

In order to register a company in Europe, the following documents have to be registered and submitted:

  • Notarized passport copies of all founders and shareholders of the company.
  • Resume and explanatory note in foreign language (the language is chosen depending on the country).
  • Business-plan in foreign language.
  • Notarized copies of diplomas of higher education.
  • Few variants of the names for the future company (the most preferred one has to be stated).
  • Legal address of future company.
  • A document stating legal source of income.

Except submission of necessary documents, there are the following requirements for the candidates who claim to open their company on the European territory:

  • Lack of criminal record;
  • Higher education;
  • Experience in business conduction;
  • Availability of sufficient amount of cash and its lawful origin.

Advantages of registering European companies

By deciding to open a company in Europe, you get the following advantages for business conduction:

  • Quick and easy registration of the companies;
  • Loyal taxation system;
  • Stable economic, legislative and financial system;
  • Easy requirements for keeping accounting and financial records;
  • Almost complete lack of corruption;
  • Easy access to international market;
  • Single stable currency on the territory of whole EU.

Company registration in Europe will help you in taking a serious step forward developing your business and will allow you to access a completely new level. Our company Goldblum and Partners knows everything about  registering European companies, we have vast database and partnership with many European companies, so we are ready to assist you in opening your company in any EU country.

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