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Accounting is an essential part of successful operating of any company regardless of its sphere of activities, number of employees or location. Once your company registration process has started you need to organize proper accounting as well. If you don’t have a possibility to organize accounting and keep books using your own resources, or you want to conduct restructuring and get rid of accounting staff, or you don’t feel like entering into details of local accounting while registering a company abroad, it is reasonable to trust your accounting to professionals.


What does usually accounting consist of?

Generally the main goal of accounting is to prepare accurate accounting statements. These documents represent complete information about activities and assets of a company.

Goldblum and Partners will be glad to take on performance of the following obligations (according to reporting country legislation):

  • organizing of complete accounting meeting company needs;
  • development of a new accounting system;
  • restoration of a previous accounting system of a company;
  • payroll accounting;
  • administration of accounting documentation;
  • workflow organizing;
  • audit services.

In addition Goldblum and Partners can offer you virtual accounting services — remote online help whenever you need.


What are the advantages of properly organized accounting?

What kinds of benefits does organizing of accounting by professional outsourcers have? First of all, only professionals who deal with accounting of a definite country day by day, are able to keep in mind all twists and turns. This ensures mistakes-free approach to accounting.

Secondly using of outsourcing services automatically allows clients to take off a number of obligations which pass to Goldblum and Partners and become our responsibility.

Thus customers don’t need to keep a staff of accountants, meanwhile they are absolutely confident that we shall provide accounting services of high quality.

Since there is no more need in keeping an accounting specialist (or even 2 and more) in staff, who would be engaged in accounting issues, a company has a possibility of carrying out restructuring and making significant savings out of:

  • payroll accounting including all necessary payments;
  • accountant work place arrangement;
  • accounting mistakes management (it is our responsibility to take off all the hassle away from you).

Our experience shows that using of outsourcing accounting service provides a company with:

  • comprehensive control over compliance with legislative requirements (they are not the same in different countries);
  • seeking for additional resources to improve financial health of a company;
  • full control over rational use of resources.

As you can see accounting outsourcing can help you find most effective and quality solutions for numerous challenging accounting issues.


Cost of accounting services

Service fee for accounting services depends on plenty of factors. The most significant of them are a number of accounting operations that are to be performed by a company and the status of your accounting at the moment of making an agreement between your company and Goldblum and Partners. The company location is also important and affects prices. However Goldblum and Partners offers prompt service with a personal touch at a competitive price, representing excellent value for money. We are flexible and easily adapt to your business needs helping you find the right system of accounting for your company.

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